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Testimonial: I have found that the new HDAA Knowledge Base reduces the time it takes me to research industry stats & reliable information for the ITSM sector. It’s easy to use search functionality encompassing KCS principles, helps to filter & tailor my searches more accurately & there are numerous new services now available through the website. Every time I return to the site there is new information published. Very impressive.
Chris Powderly, Support & Services Manager, Allens

Changing the Goods - From Vikings to Whiz Kids

Podcast Crew:
Daniel Billing, Simone Jo Moore, Aale Roos, Dave van Herpen, Earl Begley, Sean McClean

Welcome to the first episode of BITPodium where the crew and their guests will help you navigate living with IT.

The Opening

  • Who and what is BITPodium? Daniel is the Reality Architect!
  • The crew are more than ‘IT’.
  • Kudos to Mark Kawasaki for kicking off Daniel’s thinking about developing this netcast when Mark tweeted about being tired of educating IT to be a good service delivery organisation and maybe we should turn our focus towards the business and educate our business people to become better IT consumers.
  • We’ve been through a paradigm shift with technology - the amount of knowledge we have is now available in the palm of your hand and eyes when it comes to Google Glass.
  • BITPodium’s intent is to find the people who are struggling to understand what we’re getting out of IT and how to manouvre with it. Survive the new technology of today and what’s coming tomorrow.
  • Crazy projects and budgets - do we really need that? We live in a time of easy obtainment.

Living with IT

  • Daniel gets Viking! and the crew sail with him talking about our trading environments and economy behaviour pattern. Is it really about ‘rape, pillage & plunder?’
  • Sean questions a trading environment’s collaborative view.  How are we tracking the value of the sharing nature that has developed.
  • Our attention is drawn to how we use our attention…(http://www.amazon.com/The-Futurica-Trilogy-Alexander-Bard/dp/9187173247 by Alexander Bard (@bardissimo)  How often do you go to the 2nd page on google search - out of habit we scrolling through but most of all we’re changing our search criteria instead of web crawling.
  • Simone shows her arachnaphobia and being entangled in the web.
  • Earl is Daddy google! Collaboration is different for the now generation.
  • Attention economy - Sean is looking for a place in the future ‘you should be paying me just for giving you my attention and my information!’ Chris Dancy is the commentator on this to look to.
  • What a place it will be when we are bidding for things like knowledge. Gamification, checkin apps, frequent flyers etc.
  • Simone needs a coffee app!
  • Marketing dollars and real business - it’s not IT - it’s business using IT to capture our attention.
  • Empowering people living with IT - you don’t need to be a propeller head to benefit!
  • BYOD changes to BYOIT.
  • The Smart People that aren’t IT - you’ve got to recognise your power and IT needs to recognise our real market and their attention is worth our money.
  • New developments that get attention and do we have the bandwidth to deal with it?
  • Amber Case Top 40 under 40 and Geoloqi
  • The Little Bets - Peter Sims bringing more success - Emerge From Small Discoveries
  • We are HR, we are Finance, we are IT - are we still just a blacksmith and a horseman building some kind of transport.
  • The relationship between Marketing and IT - joining the creative mindsets could make the business reputation, branding, connection and interaction could be ginormous! 
  • Are we blurring the lines of roles and skillsets.
  • Earl is the man for all seasons - a rennaissance of breadth and depth capability.
  • The smartest person in the room
  • Education and certification static. Is a masters degree necessary? How about becoming an app millionaire instead?

Wind Up

“No road is long with good company.”  Bring your own flavour to the community and what you’re trying to achieve - it’s easier and more fun!

Visit www.bitpodium.com 

Wishes, requests and praise are welcome. A variety of personalities and guests, one of which could be you.  Have a question, suggest a topic or share your particular passion and view.  

Next LIVE Netcast scheduled 25 June 2014.


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