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Chris Powderly, Support & Services Manager, Allens

Community Management - The 'Everything' Department

Podcast Crew:
Simone Jo Moore, Aale Roos, Dave van Herpen, Earl Begley, Sean McClean, Daniel Billing
Matt Laurenceau

The Everything Department

The definition of community management if it’s not playing around on social media and forums is more like a love affair or conducting an orchestra.


  • Daniel battling with wild weather in Sweden so Simone hosting this episode.
  • Dave is working with customers looking to engage multiple frameworks especially using Agile, SIAM, Lean, COBIT & ITIL.

  • Sean very engaged in ServiceNow community so finds the topic of Community Management.

  • News from Down Under - itSMFA LeadIT14.

  • Pink Forum 14 is on the hop as we went to air.  Interesting to learn what evolution comes from this gathering of minds.

The Everything Department!

  • Matt gives his snapshot bio but you can find him very active on social media channels as well. Moving from being a power user to running the community!

  • The definition of community management if it’s not playing around on social media and forums.

  • Caring about users and making sure they succeed - outside in approach.  Keeps them loyal and want more engagement.

  • It’s not about one person - it is ‘everything’ department involved.

  • The concepts of gaming really can keep community engaged and involved.

  • Too much or too fad then they can disappear so Community Manager role is interesting.

  • A real community is cross-organisation - must have a common goal whether commercial or otherwise that brings value otherwise why contribute.

  • Brains not previously familiar with each other connect - speed dating. NIHITO

  • Sean enjoys Service Now Community and believes community moves beyond the classroom - constantly learning.

  • The ‘moment of hello and then the rest of your life” - how do you bring the strangers in the night together.

  • Compelling first few seconds of experience where it is ‘cool’ and comfortable so you want to come back.

  • Service Manager day in Holland gives amazing energy in engaging in a number topics as it’s a broad community.

  • The importance of getting IT and the Business being involved in each others communities.

  • Signal vs. Noise - when the right communities group the right people everybody wins.

  • The social intranet - seamless access to content.

  • Communities self organising or the extent to which they need guidance.

  • Value determined by the users are pleased … they have something to talk about and others contribute to help!

  • There are communities that are fully owned by the users vs. IT.

  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Matt’s TFT14 Presentation

  • How is the role of Community Manager better now and what metrics that are useful that we can use?

  • It’s like a love affair - the engagement style of your community will tell you much.  How many lurkers versus contributors.

  • What makes the best style of community and if it’s working… The value is in the result - who cares how it happens.

  • Focus on content is by definition a good community but it’s a broad statement.

  • It’s becoming quite a role now within business. The business should be looking for these skills in the people that already exist in their business as they have the organisation knowledge.

  • A community manager orchestrates others so the members of sticky!

  • Do you orchestrate or do you facilitate? Depends on the maturity curve of the community.

  • Seed and lead by example

  • Orchestration and being a conductor.  The conductor cares about the sentiment of the audience.  They make the music better.

  • You can hear when it’s out of sync with the music.

  • How will community management develop in the next 3 years?

  • If you lead IT, HR etc you need to ensure your team helps the broader community.  It’s service desk that has easy ways of reaching out to L1, 2 or 3.

  • It is a far bigger topic and skill that will develop in the future.  Having the skillsets to use the social channels, platform tools and interaction quality in the right way for the user experience.

  • Don’t want to small with silo and too big with noise so you need a single person responsible that the sentiment is good within it.

  • Check out A Collection of Community Management Advice pulled together by the Community Manager and Marketwire. A 60-page ebook is filled with useful tips from leaders in the space and covers a variety of topics including the customer service/community manager dynamic, advice for new community managers and the role of community management in marketing.

  • The world we live in, everything we do in terms of our interaction is marketing - who we are, why you want to be a part of that community.

  • Community is not a physical product, it is a service, the ability to help people learn and grow.

  • It’s branding - what happens in the community is what we want them to know and what we want to be proud about.

  • A lot more to be understand and learnt about this topic.

Wind Up

“Community cannot for long feed on itself; it can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond, their unknown and undiscovered brothers.” – Howard Thurman

“Social Media Managers work in the marketing department. Community Managers work in the everything department” – Peter Redmer

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