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Testimonial: I have found that the new HDAA Knowledge Base reduces the time it takes me to research industry stats & reliable information for the ITSM sector. It’s easy to use search functionality encompassing KCS principles, helps to filter & tailor my searches more accurately & there are numerous new services now available through the website. Every time I return to the site there is new information published. Very impressive.
Chris Powderly, Support & Services Manager, Allens

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!

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This month the crew discuss the highlights of the itSMF Australia National Conference held in Perth, WA.

Karen wonders whether a lightning rod would have done the trick!!

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Show Notes:

Month in Review:

Simone, Tristan and Karen discuss the past months highlights and lowlights. Andrew is on tour somewhere.

  • The highlight was the Australian conference but for Tristan it was his pre-conference accommodation in the most livable city in the world;
  • Lowlight for Simone was the hammering by the technology gremlins during her presentation at the conference – & she wasn’t the only one! Highlight was meeting all those notorious industry folks in person & learning some new phrases such as "Giggle It”; &
  • itSMF Australia outdoes itself again with the conference social events especially the post conference wine cruise.

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The team discuss the itSMF Australia 2011 conference & some highlight presentations.

The quality of presentations this year led to a "conference conundrum” – which presentation to choose! When people complain that they cant get to all the presentations they want to as there are so many good ones – you know you have a good conference on your hands.

  • The industry is starting to break down the process silos & push the boundaries of ITSM;
  • Karen kicks off with the keynote presentation from Tim Sheedy from Forrester – "Business Technology in 2020”. IT will become the consultants rather than the doers. This will require new skills, new people & organisational structure. It will mean a different governance model & sourcing strategy. This could be a real opportunity for ITSM to lead the way – innovate, influence & communicate;
  • Could this be the "Day of the Service Desk”?
  • BYOD the new 4-Letter Word;
  • Consume, curate & create: IT is now the curator not the creator;
  • Follow Tim on @timbo2002;
  • Simone loved the " Thank God (ITIL) You’re Here” session but it was the worst experience of Karen’s life!!
  • Simone’s discusses Karen’s session on "Engineering Sustainable Change”. Karen has taken a framework for embedding sustainability into organisational culture & used it for ITSM. The book due out Jan 2012 now brought forward to November 2011 for launch at the UK Conference due to the positive feedback at the itSMFA Conference;
  • Read the research at http://nbs.net/knowledge/culture/;
  • Simone sees synergies with the PROSCI / ADKAR model – http://www.prosci.com/;
  • http://www.change-management.com/tutorial-adkar-overview.htm;
  • Tristan was depressed by the final theoretical panel session hosted by Rob England on "Why IT Projects Fail” – It was too like real life!!!
  • The days of the large ITSM project are numbered – this should be a part of CSI;
  • A highlight for Tristan was Ivor Macfarlane’s session. "Customers have the right to treat technology as magic”;
  • Big company rule on the time between mentioning the cloud: IBM 42 seconds – CA 39 seconds;
  • How many people did IT kill today? People are still not making the connection between what they do and the impact on the customer. We need to "Make IT Real”;
  • Ivor Macfarlane: "Customer expectations of IT are spectacularly low because they’ve seen us work for the last 50 years!”;
  • Chris Dancy blew everyone’s mind at the conference, the pre-conference workshop and the post-conference workshops in Melbourne & Sydney;
  • Simone starts a rumour!;
  • We need more gamification. Chris has driven membership of PeerIndex, Klout, Empired Avenue up! Simone was jealous of workshop people tweeting from the workshops about how good it was; &
  • Hats off to the itSMF Australia conference organizers – it was the BEST EVER.

itSMF Australia LEADIT11 Conference video link:

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Booby of the Month:

Lightning strike on Dublin based Amazon data centre. A lesson in ITSCM and Capacity Management!

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