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Testimonial: I have found that the new HDAA Knowledge Base reduces the time it takes me to research industry stats & reliable information for the ITSM sector. It’s easy to use search functionality encompassing KCS principles, helps to filter & tailor my searches more accurately & there are numerous new services now available through the website. Every time I return to the site there is new information published. Very impressive.
Chris Powderly, Support & Services Manager, Allens

Why is it so hard!

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The ITSMAP crew talk about organisational change. What do we need to do to make changes "sticky”? Top three tips from Karen, Andrew and Simone.

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Show Notes:

Month in Review:

Simone, Andrew and Karen discuss the past months highlights and lowlights. Tristan is in the USA at the Fusion 11 Conference.

  • Karen’s highlight was feedback on her Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) article published in At Your Service;
  • Andrew has been busy reviewing Karen’s book & client engagements / challenges. Silos versus cross-functional teams bring challenges for all of us. Andrew recommends listening to podcast "Let’s Make Mistakes”;
  • Service Catalogues are "flavor of the month”. Andrew attending the Service Catalogue Executive Briefing that Karen is presenting in Melbourne & Sydney. Key message regarding catalogues is Keep It Simple;
  • Andrew provides updates on industry news including LUCID IT, BMC, ServiceNow & the Axios Christmas Party;
  • Simone has been working on Service Catalogues & Service Level Management. At last she manages to get on the Thinking Dimensions course & thoroughly enjoyed it. There are plans to get Andrew Sauter from Thinking Dimensions on a future podcast to discuss problem solving.
  • Simone breaks her record on Bejeweled Blitz!

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The Team Discuss Organisational Change

What does organisational change or cultural change mean to the team?

  • David Chaudron’s formula for success;
    • Success = Measurement X Method X Control X Focused Persistence X Consensus;
  • Organisations don’t change – individuals do. It’s all about people!
  • Cloud computing & cultural change. Read more at Endurance IT;
  • Why is it so hard?
  • Email & organisational culture. Need for Zero Inbox;
  • Individual messaging is key. Condoms in Congo;
  • Communication: send – receive – check. Check the message & who is the "sender”;
  • Skills and capabilities to lead change are scarce. Need to engage "professional” change leaders/ agents. It is the missing competency;
  • Structured approaches to change are required such as:
  • Sponsorship is essential. We are talking "real” commitment. We must equip the sponsor;
  • Meeting the challenge of transformational change: do you have the leadership needed to cross the abyss?” from the IMA group;
  • The Change Agent Toolbox for organisational change;
  • 10 Fundamentals of Change. #4 is to engage a Change Professional;
  • Increase investment in change project by 10% & increase success by 16%; &
  • The top three tips for organisational change from each of the team.

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Booby of the Month:

Andrew’s online experience trying to pay a parking fine. A lesson in service design, service testing, customer experience and continual service improvement … or lack of.

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The team will record Episode 11 on October 26 2011.

Suggestions for guests and content to info@macanta.com.au.

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