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of organisations have a knowledge management program in place.

Source - The State of User-Facing
Knowledge and Knowledge
Management, HDI

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Testimonial: I have found that the new HDAA Knowledge Base reduces the time it takes me to research industry stats & reliable information for the ITSM sector. It’s easy to use search functionality encompassing KCS principles, helps to filter & tailor my searches more accurately & there are numerous new services now available through the website. Every time I return to the site there is new information published. Very impressive.
Chris Powderly, Support & Services Manager, Allens

HDAA Professional Services

Our team lives and breathes the Service and Support Profession with a combined knowledge and experience of over 150 years that continues to grow. This covers a diverse range of organisations in both size and industry which is reflected by our membership. 

We listen, think, analyse, brainstorm, challenge assumptions, cajole, and convince organisations to become even better by implementing ideas that create value. We use our expertise to assist you in making the transition from your present level of operation to your desired level of success. 

Our professional services include;

Service Desk Review/Health Check                                                    Request a Quote

The Service Desk is the window to IT and the central communication point with your customers yet this mission critical function of Support Services is not always understood, valued or funded appropriately. Despite this, the Service Desk is expected to unfailingly meet business objectives and look to the future all while making it happen in the present.

HDAA helps you improve by providing the opportunity to assess your practices and processes and compare them to current industry best practice. Our Standard Service Desk Review is a health check providing practical operational, tactical and strategic recommendations that enable you to significantly improve existing operations. 

Our professional team work closely with your management and staff using best practice ITSM and Knowledge Management frameworks and methods to complete the review in the most expedient timeframe. 

Here are just a few questions our review will help you answer, and which also contribute to building your Service Improvement Plan: 

  • Does your Service Desk strategy support the business? 
  • Are your services realistic? 
  • Do your processes align with industry best practice? 
  • Are your people capable? 
  • Do you utilise your support tools effectively? 

Your investment in the review depends on the size and complexity of your organisation, service desk and depth of analysis required. 

Workforce Planning Review                              Request a Quote

Workforce planning is about ensuring you have enough staff to handle your yearly workload and that enough of those staff are rostered daily to meet service demands and service targets/levels as agreed with your customers. 

Our professional services staff will review your current workforce planning methodology and compare it against the HDAA developed 4 step plan to ensure you have sufficient overall staff to cover yearly demand, monthly demand and adequate staff are rostered throughout the day to meet expected workload.  

At the end of the review you will have the processes in place to ensure demand is met and a tool that can quickly recalculate resources required when variables change or unexpected demand happens.  

Knowledge Management Reviews & Knowledge Management Implementation Assistance        Request a Quote

Investment in Knowledge is fast becoming a requirement in the ongoing evolution of Support Services.  Knowledge Management and in particular the KCS (Knowledge Centred Service) methodology is recognised as an emerging necessity in all areas of Service Management and as a major facilitator for adopting “Shift Left” and AI within an organization see HDI Trend Report for clarification.  Reinforcing this industry observation is the HDI 2019 Industry Survey Stats which advise that Knowledge Management is number 2 in importance as a “Must Have” practice (Incident Management being number 1).   

Let the professional team at HDAA assist you in all areas of Knowledge Management utilising years of industry experience and industry Best Practice methodologies and Frameworks e.g. KCS and ITIL4 to help you to assess, baseline and improve all your Knowledge Management needs.  We have a wide range of Professional Services available for you to utilise or we could customise to suit your needs. 

Knowledge Management Professional Services:  

  • Health Check/Baseline Review – Where are we now? 
    • KCS Maturity Assessment  
      • KCS Opportunity Assessment Survey and Service Desk Health Check review 
      • Process Integration Health Check  
      • Knowledge Management Measurement Review 
  • Maturity Assessment against KCS Best Practice – Where do we need to be? 
    • Recommendation Reports – How do we get there? 
      • Scope of Work– Initial Outline  
        • KCS Benefits 
        • KCS Cultural Health 
        • KCS Article Quality Health 
        • KCS Process Integration 
        • KCS Measurement 
  • Professional Assistance – How can we help you further? 
    • KCS Adoption Roadmap Assistance 
      • Planning and Design 
      • KCS Adoption Coaching/Mentoring 
    • Knowledge Management Workshop Facilitation 
    • Knowledge Management Process Integration 
    • Ongoing Knowledge Management Coaching/Mentoring 
Documenting Polices, Practices/Processes & Procedures                         Request a Quote

“If it’s not documented it doesn’t happy” a twist on a famous saying but industry best practice insists on having your processes documented. Apart from proving through good corporate governance how processes are managed, this documentation acts as a guide to staff outlining policies to be adhered to, how process flow works within your organisation and the associated procedures to ensure success across the board. 

HDAA’s professional services staff are all highly experienced, skilled and have the right qualifications to produce meaningful documentation for your ITSM processes. 

Coaching and Mentoring Services          Request a Quote

Don’t really need formal, specific professional services but need someone to contact for advice on demand? HDAA can help - pre-purchase a block of hours and have access to an HDAA professional services staff member to gain advice on a wide range of issues that may be causing concern at a particular moment in time. 

Support System Evaluation and Selection                    Request a Quote

On average, organisations turn over their support tool every 5 years. This is a minefield HDAA can certainly help you through. Our goal within the HDAA professional service team is to help you purchase the right tool with the right features and modules at the right price for your size oraganisation. We can assist with RFQ, RFT, criteria for selection, scoring, fit with ITSM or ESM, knowledge transfer and process definition prior to implementation.

IT Service Management Practices Review 

HDAA can help at any stage of your ITSM journey. We can undertake a review of one or multiple ITIL Practices to rate where you sit against industry best practice. Once we determine your level of maturity, we can then make practical, meaningful recommendations on how to improve the practice to a level your organisation would like to achieve.


For more information, please contact HDAA on T: 1300 130 447.

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