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RESILIA is a framework of best practice, developed by AXELOS, to build cyber resilience skills across an organization. Based on the Cyber Resilience Best Practices guide, it offers practical knowledge to enhance existing management strategies and help align cyber resilience with IT operations, security and incident management. Using the ITIL lifecycle it develops the skills and insight needed to detect, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks.

When a cyber-attack strikes it threatens the fundamentals of a good business – reputation, customer confidence and operational continuity. Knowing how to respond and recover effectively requires clarity and confidence through the cyber resilience of all of your people. That is because businesses don’t detect and protect from a cyber-attack – people do. Equipping people to react and act on cyber is critical for keeping the value of your business, within your business. RESILIA ensures this by keeping your reputation intact, customers close and operations up and running.

RESILIA Certifications

RESILIA Foundation and Practitioner Certifications have been designed to support established IT control and business integration frameworks. It shows how these controls can be selected, deployed and managed in the best way enabling individuals to understand how they can contribute to good cyber resilience using the organization’s existing processes and standards.

RESILIA Foundation level is a three-day/20-hour course which helps individuals understand how operational decisions can have an impact on good cyber resilience. It shows how nurturing cyber resilience can support operational effectiveness and business efficiency.  

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RESILIA Practitioner level is an additional two-day/15-hour course which equips individuals with practical skills to achieve the best balance of risk, cost, operational benefits and flexibility within an organization.

HDAA currently offer both on-site and instructor led virtual RESILIA Foundation and Practitioner Training. To get more information or to request on-site pricing please phone 1300 130 447 or send an email  

The benefits of RESILIA certifications:

  • Helps minimize any damage from a security breach and supports fast recovery
  • Helps build cyber resilience into your existing processes.
  • Helps establish a common language for cyber resilience across your organization
  • Builds the confidence and insight to design and deliver cyber resilient strategies and services across your organization as well as with your customers and suppliers.

See the benefits of RESILIA Certification here

To understand how cyber resilience is critical to your business success, read this fact sheet.

For more Information see FAQ's below.

What is Cyber Resiliance?
Cyber Resilience is the ability for an organization to resist, respond and recover from attacks that will impact the information they require to do business.

Who developed the current material? What are their cyber security credentials?
The best practice guide was authored by:

Stuart Rance, a consultant, trainer and author, and owner of Optimal Service Management Ltd.

Mike St John-Green, an independent consultant in cyber security, currently working with a range of clients, primarily in the City of London and Europe.

Moyn Uddin, an independent information and cyber risk practitioner with nearly 30 years in IT, networking, IT security, information security, governance risk and compliance.

It was also reviewed by a range of experts including:

Nathan Cooper, Capita; Ian Davies, deputy chairman of BMT Group and senior independent director at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and Harvey Nash; Alan Field, Highdown Management Services Ltd; Darren Hampton, iSolutions, University of Southampton; Noel Hannan, Capita; Alexander Hernandez, KPMG; George Judd and the team at CASK LLC; and Gary Warzala.

Who is RESILIA aimed at?
RESILIA offers practical guidance, training and learning for the entire organization, including the boardroom, IT, risk and business professionals, so that they better understand the risks and benefits of effective Cyber Resilience.

The foundation and practitioner certification is aimed at:

IT and Security functions: all professionals within IT Service Management, Information Security, Business Analysis, IT Project Management, IT Development, IT and Security Architecture and leadership roles (CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CISO (Chief Information and Security Officer), Head of IT)

The Risk function: all Risk Management professionals from CRO (Chief Risk Officer), Head of Risk, Risk Manager, Heads of Compliance and Business Continuity to risk and Business Analyst roles

All core business functions, HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations and Marketing, will benefit from having cyber resilience expertise within the team, often including a local champion or mentor for all staff to refer to. RESILIA certifications are designed for all staff from leadership roles (HR Director, CFO, Operations Director) to management and operational teams.

The awareness learning provides content that can be delivered across the organization, throughout the year, to help embed cyber resilient behaviours across the entire workforce.

The leader engagement focuses on delivering specialized training and learning for the leaders within an organization so that they understand the role they have to play in developing effective cyber resilient strategies and behaviours.

How will AXELOS RESILIA fit with existing frameworks? (e.g. NIST, ISF, ISO 27001)
Many existing frameworks outline a set of controls that an organization should put in place, often for the benefit of proving external assurance. RESILIA has been designed to complement these existing standards and frameworks by providing guidance on how these controls can be selected, deployed and managed in a way that is appropriate for the specific organization. It enables the wider IT team, and risk and business professionals, to understand why and how they can contribute to both good cyber resilience and existing standards the organization is using.

How does RESILIA align itself with ITIL?
RESILIA best practice uses a lifecycle approach to aid effective deployment and management of Cyber Resilience in an organization. The lifecycles are complementary to ITIL as they follow the same Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation and Continuous Improvement structure. The best practice covers what activities, controls and management processes should be in each lifecycle. Organizations already using ITIL for service management will find that Cyber Resilience can easily be integrated into this existing management systems, with Cyber Resilience controls and management becoming an extension of existing business-as-usual processes.