Smashing the value button, Members Workshop * (9 August 1:30pm)

HDAA's next member workshop topic is 'Smashing the value button'

We hope you and your staff can join us to go in-depth about how to smash the value button at HDAA as a member.
Scott Tunn will be our speaker for this event. Scott will be joined by Gail R, Con, Chris, Gail J and Dean to cover off on the inclusions and some areas of value you may not be aware of as a member of HDAA.

Workshop details:

This webinar has been design to help you understand how to take advantage of our services, without spending another cent. We uncover what you may have skipped over in the past, as well as the future services we are launching.
Don't pass it by, make the time to see this. With the information we share, it could save you thousands of dollars, help you get that next promotion, or just give you some more "Me time". Wouldn't that be nice!

Here's a glimpse of the current and proposed future benefits that we are diligently crafting and will do a deep dive on during the webinar:

1 - Beta Services Access: As a HDAA member, you have the unique advantage of exploring cutting-edge services that are currently in the Beta phase.

2 - Expert Webinars and Workshops: Expect to participate in webinars and workshops led by industry experts, covering topics ranging from the latest trends to best practices in your field.

3 - Networking Opportunities (Future dates decided by you): They're back! You'll have the chance to network with like-minded professionals, potential collaborators, and business partners from various industries.

4 - Knowledge Repository: Access to our ever-growing library of resources, research papers, case studies, and insightful articles and podcasts.

5 - Exclusive Events: Give your input to our first national conference (yes that's right!). At this event you can interact with globally recognized thought leaders, innovators, and influencers at the forefront of their respective fields.

6 - Mentorship Program: Participate in our mentorship program, connecting you with experienced professionals who can guide you on your journey to success.

7 - Champions pathway: Getting through daily work is hard. developing a pathway for yourself let alone your colleagues and staff adds more pressure. Our partnership allows for seamless pathway guidance.

8 - Klaxxon GRC beta access: In house developed GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) software that can be used for ITSM, ISO 20000, 27001, actually any framework. You ask for it, we make it happen.

9 - HDAA certifications: Rise to the top with a recognized brand and certification.

10 - Discounted training: Of course as a member you get pretty awesome discounts on any course we have.

11 - Free training opportunities: A new range of courses in development, some will be included for free, but we need your input to decide which ones!

Honestly there are too many tools and services in development to help nurture your skills and take you to the next level to list in this email.
Please understand that some of these services are currently in beta, but we believe that involving and collaborating with our members from the beginning will ensure that they cater precisely to your needs and expectations.

Thank you for considering this invitation to embrace being a valued member of HDAA. Together, we can create an empowering and innovative community that fosters growth and excellence.


Don't forget HDAA members receive complimentary seats to HDAA workshops. For this event we are allowing members to have unlimited participants for the webinar.


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Please send an email to with the following template and we will register the staff for you (your membership will be validated prior to sending webinar link)
Copy and paste the below fields, then fill in the gaps, send it over and we will make it happen.

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Starting:1:30 PM
Wednesday 9th August 2023
Ending:2:30 PM
Phone Enquiries:1300 130 447
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