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"The mission of HDAA is to promote excellence in IT service management and support through education, training, and certification programs.!"
What is our mission at HDAA?
"HDAA stands for the Help Desk Association of Australasia. We are a professional association for individuals and organizations involved in IT service and support."
Who is HDAA?

“HDAA provides a range of services, including Service Desk Review/Health Check, Workforce Planning Review, Knowledge Management Reviews & Knowledge Management Implementation Assistance, Documenting Polices, Practices/Processes & Procedures, Coaching and Mentoring Services, Support System Evaluation and Selection, IT Service Management Practices Review. You can read all about it here

What services do we provide?

"By joining HDAA, your organization can become part of a community of industry professionals, gain access to educational resources and training programs, stay updated with industry trends, and network with like-minded individuals.!"
How can HDAA benefit my organization?
"Both individuals and organizations can join HDAA. The membership options cater to both individual professionals seeking personal development and organizations looking to enhance their IT service and support capabilities."
Can individuals join HDAA, or is it only for organizations?
"Joining HDAA offers valuable benefits such as access to a community of industry professionals, educational resources, training programs, networking opportunities, and the ability to stay updated with industry trends. By becoming a member, individuals and organizations can enhance their skills, achieve their goals, and excel in the field of IT service and support."
Why join HDAA?

“To become a member of HDAA, you can visit Review the membership options, complete the membership application, submit it online.”

How can I become a member of HDAA?

“We have created a step-by-step guide to help you by clicking on this link How To Add Member HDAA

How to add a member into your organization?

"Absolutely, HDAA certifications are globally recognized in best practices and standards. As a result, we hold value and relevance in the broader IT service management and support field from around the world."
Are HDAA certifications recognized internationally?

“You can read all about our testimonials”

Are there any case studies or testimonials available from HDAA’s clients?

“You can contact us via Phone or email”

Phone: 1300 130 447

How to contact us?

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