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Join HDAA, the independent industry body for Service Desk Professionals, and connect with a network focused on the intricacies and successes within:

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HDAA is your partner in professional development, offering resources tailored to enhance service delivery, customer interaction, and operational efficiency.  Our mission is to connect you with a vibrant network of experts and resources, uniquely focused on elevating the service desk sector. 

By becoming a member, you’re committing to excellence in service desk operations, leveraging our collective expertise for your growth and operational success

Benefits and Entitlements

Membership Certificate & HDAA Membership Logo

Membership Information Kit

Discounts on HDAA Training


Discounts on HDAA Consulting Services


 HDAA Member Workshop – Complimentary Seats


Email and Telephone Support from our experienced staff


Representatives Primary*


Representatives – Secondary** (website KB access)

up to 15

HDAA Knowledge Base

Articles HDAA and ITSM Industry

Knowledge Management (KCS Resources)

Member Request (MR) Outcomes

Industry Webinar Recordings


Service Desk Calculators (e.g. workforce planner)

Templates – Advanced (ITIL Processes, Policies and Procedures etc.)

Full Access to all


Templates – Standard (Checklists, Job Descriptions)

White Papers HDAA and ITSM Industry

Workshop Downloads (Video recording/slideshow)

Help Desk Institute (HDI) Resources – HDI is the leading resource for Help Desk/Support Center emerging trends and best practices.


Reports and Surveys

Metrics Guides

* Primary Representative

  • Is the main point of contact between HDAA and their organisation.
  • Has access to manage their company account details via the website including adding or deleting staff as secondary representatives on the membership account.
  • Has access to restricted content in the HDAA Knowledge Base and HDI Resources
  • Have access to register staff for discounted training and workshops

** Secondary Representative

  • Can be added to the company membership account by the Primary Representative or HDAA
  • Has the same access as the Primary Representative(s) to restricted content in the HDAA Knowledge Base and HDI Resources that are available for their organisation’s level of membership
  • Has access to register staff for discounted training and workshops

HDAA work at the organizational level to address strategic and operational challenges, and to drive positive change. We also strive to support your staff via training and workshops to help advance their careers, build their networks, and drive valuable connections.

HDAA Membership comes with the following benefits

Major savings on HDAA’s Professional Training Program Our certification training is globally-recognised and includes HDI CertificationsITIL CertificationsSupport Services CertificationsCyber Security and Resillia Certifications;

Our Member Workshops are focused on providing practical knowledge and skills that keep you up-to-date and on track. They are a part of our Professional Learning Program and designed to enhance Service and Support practices, challenge existing thinking and provide an opportunity to reflect on who you are and the impact you have on those around you. HDAA aims to hold 1 face to face workshop round per year and 3 virtual workshops per year;

Exclusive Member Access to an extensive range of international research, benchmarking data, white papers, and access to workshop downloads containing highly valuable information. See an Extract from the 2017 Practices & Salary Report here;

HDAA’s Consulting Services consist of focused advice, guidance, and implementation of service management leading to lasting organisational change in a variety of ways. Members receive discounts on HDAA Consulting Services

Dynamic collaboration through connecting you with your professional peers and enabling the sharing of experience, skills and learning;

Increased staff morale and productivity by providing opportunities for learning, development and networking with a recognised professional body;

Enhance your profile and credibility by promoting your commitment to customer service with the use of HDAA’s Membership logo;

Phone and e-mail assistance is provided by a team of people with over 150 years of combined experience on all topics related to the people, process and technology matrix.

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