The practices are back baby!

The practices are back baby!

You know the saying, practice what you preach. It couldn’t be any more truthful for these courses.

Of all of the ITIL courses, the practices courses offer the most value for money. They allow you to comprehend the knowledge, whilst giving you practical skills to implement the skills when back in the workplace. If you want to make progress, jump on one of these courses, to get your groove on.

How do I know this? Well these practices are what helped HDAA to be resilient and the market leader we are today.


Gain the practical skills from the world’s most accepted framework for IT!

Our latest practice-based modules provide shorter and more flexible training with opportunity to bundle, mix and match the modules. We start with the management practices covered in the ITIL 4 Foundation, based on the practice guides. A management practice is defined as a set of organizational resources designed for performing work or accomplishing an objective. There are 34 ITIL management practices in total, representing some of the most practical resources of the framework.

The individual practices are offered through one-day training or bundled and combined in 3-day training with practical assignments built into the course, to help you apply what you’ve learned in real-life work scenarios. The practices are also enriched with additional guidance on the capability model based on the ITIL 4 maturity model.

You can do the MSF course over a 3 day period covering all five topics, or choose to do them separately.

Monitor, Support & Fulfil, the first batch of 5 individual practices, consists of: 

  • Service Desk (can be done as a separate one day course) – Download course outline
  • Incident Management (can be done as a separate one day course) – Download course syllabus
  • Problem Management (can be done as a separate one day course) – Download course outline
  • Service Request Management (can be done as a separate one day course) – Download course outline
  • Monitoring and Event Management (can be done as a separate one day course) – Download course outline

OR…….. take note of this… you can do ONE course at a time!!! Talk about flexibility

 What that means is, if you aren’t interested in doing all courses, you can just study the one that is of interest. For example do lets say you want to to maybe Incident and Problem, then that’s ALL you study. You sign up for those courses that take your fancy. If you want to do all FIVE, great, otherwise pick and choose.

When studying these certifications you can do it in chunks or all at once. What this means is you can take each course individually, like incident, problem, request management. Each course is one day in duration. however if you enroll in the 3 day monitor, support & fulfill course, we cover all five topics, and you then sit the exam for the monitor, support & fulfill.

The combined 3-day course covers all 5 of these ITIL practices. 

To achieve the Practice Manager designation, you will need to have completed 5 individual practices plus the ITIL Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support module, or you will need to have completed the 3-day bundled or combined module plus the ITIL Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support module.

Who are the ITIL Practice Certifications for?

The  individual practice course  is intended for professionals that want to prove and validate their skills in specific practice areas. The combined practice course is aimed towards validating the skills and knowledge of professionals seeking to establish a good cross-practice collaboration and effective service value streams.

Jump on a course today, it will be one of the best things you have learnt since, well the foundation course. See the schedule here, or click on the above links to take you directly to the page for each individual certification.

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