Joining HDAA is about staff in your organisation becoming part of a like-minded group that is focused on sharing knowledge, ideas, challenges and experiences amongst members. Your organisation is joining a community of industry professionals who want to work smarter, not harder and by working together we help members achieve their goals and excel at what they do.

Our Industry Association encompasses;

  • IT Support Services Desks
  • Enterprise Support Services Desks and
  • Shared Services Desks

The increasing level of complexity that accompanies our fast-paced, cloud-based world requires implementing a solid, modernized support center strategy to make sure that digital transformation coincides with operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and agility.

HDAA is the catalyst that makes it all happen! We are an Association with a difference, ready to help you better meet the demands of an extremely challenging industry.

HDAA’s organisational membership levels are Gold, Silver and Virtual.

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