Virtual Level Membership

HDAA’s Virtual Level Membership can be used by staff right across your organisation.  Use your membership privileges for great discounts on training, online access to Industry knowledge and discounted seats to attend HDAA workshops. This level of membership is intended for organisations that are outside of the CBD regions that we currently hold workshops in.

Virtual Level Membership comes with the following benefits.

  • Website login access for up to 6 staff
  • Access to the HDAA Knowledge Base including

             – Access to ITIL Process Templates (Incident Management Only)
            – Workforce Planner Tool
            – Categorisation Information

  • Industry Statistics and Benchmarking
  • 10% discount on HDAA training, including public courses, online courses, and on-site courses which can be applied to any staff member
  • 10% discount on any HDAA Consulting Services your organisation may wish to undertake.
  • Discounted workshop seats

Choose Your period Of Membership

Annual Membership – $550

1 Year Membership

2 Year Discount Deal – $825

Take out Membership for 2 years and save 50% on your second year.

Refund Reason