Exam Requirements

The following information is relevant when purchasing an examination from HDAA

Examiner information

All Peoplecert exams are provided and proctored by Peoplecert.

All Exin exams are provided and proctored by Exin.

If you are unsure which exam you need, please contact us BEFORE purchasing your voucher!
*Your voucher will be distributed once payment is received and confirmation of the order has been confirmed with the purchaser.

All exam vouchers can be used immediately, however, the examiners usually like to allow 48 hours of time between booking and sitting exams. If you require a fast tracked exam, it’s best to speak with examiner after you have received your voucher.
Examiners usually accommodate all urgent requests and have 24/7/365 support and all examiners are separate companies to HDAA.

Please complete all fields in the checkout carefully as there are no refunds given for the vouchers ordered.

These exam vouchers have a short expiry date unless other specified. This means that the exam vouchers should be used immediately, which is why they are sold at a lower rate. You will have a maximum of 3 months to sit the exam from date of purchase.

Remote exam requirements:

To qualify for remote examination you will need the following:

  1. A stable and relatively fast internet connection
  2. A web camera that works so the examiner can proctor you
  3. A quiet location with no one else in the room
  4. Administrator access to the computer to install a browser plugin

Exam Checker verification

Note: If you do not have a certificate of completion you can obtain one by purchasing a certified course in the HDAA Shop.

Refund Reason