KCS Principles (HDI-KCSP) Course

KCS, developed by the Consortium for Service Innovation, is a methodology and a set of processes and practices that leverage knowledge as a key asset of the support organization. KCS is proven to allow service and support organizations to significantly improve service levels to customers, gain operational efficiencies, and increase the organization's value to the company through knowledge management.

This HDI KCS Principles certification verifies that support center professionals possess the understanding of the Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) methodology, a set of processes/practices that leverage knowledge as a key asset of the support organization. Additionally, this certification validates that they know how to implement the practical steps for capturing, structuring, and successfully reusing knowledge through the knowledge management process.

KCS Training | KCS Knowledge Management Principles

This Knowledge Management best-practices course will provide support centre supervisors, managers, and directors with a set of practical steps for capturing, storing, and successfully reusing knowledge. Participants will learn how to implement a strategy for adopting Knowledge-Centered Support that creates and maintains knowledge as a by-product of the incident management process.

KCS is a Service Mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

This Course Focuses on:

  • How to efficiently create & maintain quality, easy-to-find content in the knowledge base;
  • Ways to motivate support analysts to use the knowledge base & to effectively assess individual & team contributions;
  • How to articulate the value of knowledge management practices for your organization;
  • A strategy for sustainable success that minimizes investments in knowledge workflow & maximizes the return; &
  • How to identify & avoid the common pitfalls associated with knowledge management.

Unit 1: What is Knowledge-Centered Service?

  • What is Knowledge-Centered Service?
  • What Led to the Development of KCS?
  • Why do you need KCS?
  • What are the Benefits of KCS?


Unit 2: The KCS Principles and Core Concepts

  • KCS Principles
  • KCS Core Concepts


Unit 3: The KCS Practices

  • The KCS Practices
  • Understanding KCS
  • The KCS Methodologies


Unit 4: Aligning KCS with the Business

  • Aligning Business Goals & Objectives
  • Providing Additional Value with KCS
  • KCS Benefits & ROI


Unit 5: Content Health

  • What is Content Health?
  • The Content Standard
  • KCS Article State
  • Developing a Content Standard
  • Creating Evolve Loop Articles
  • Archiving Old Articles
  • Dealing with Legacy Data
  • Priming the Knowledge Base
  • Global Support Considerations
  • Knowledge Domain Analysis
  • Content Health Indicators
  • Self-Service Success
  • Self-Service Measures

Unit 6: KCS Roles & Responsibilities  

  • KCS Roles & Licensing Model
  • The KCS Licensing Model
  • Defining Roles & Competencies

Unit 7: Process Integration

  • Process Integration
  • Structured Problem Solving
  • Seamless Technology Integration
  • Search Technology for KCS
  • Closed Loop Feedback
  • KCS Process Integration Indicators


Unit 8: Performance Assessment

  • The KCS Licensing Model
  • Assessing the Creation of Value
  • Feedback & Reputation Model


Unit 9: Leadership

  • Leadership
  • Tap into Internal Motivators
  • Recognition Programs
  • Compelling Purpose
  • Promote Teamwork


Unit 10: Communication

  • Communication
  • Key Messaging & Elevator Pitches
  • Handling Questions & Objections
  • Programs for Social Engagment


Unit 11: Technology

  • Functional Requirements
  • Technology Selection
  • KCS Verified


Unit 12: The KCS Adoption Roadmap

  • The KCS Adoption Program
  • Adoption Phases
  • Adoption Roles
  • KCS Implementation Strategy
  • KCS Investment
  • Critical Success Factors



  • Support Center staff;
  • Service Desk Staff;
  • Problem Managers; &
  • Professionals intending to utilize a knowledge management program.

Virtual Instructor-Led Classroom

These scheduled courses provide students with live, instructor-led training delivered by an HDAA qualified trainer. Using web conferencing software, students interact with the instructor without ever leaving their desk.

  • Minimize the impact on your daily schedule by only training eight hours for one day.
  • Ask questions and interact with the instructor and other attendees.
  • Structured discussions facilitate networking and learning from real-world experiences.

Classroom Public Training

Facilitated by an HDAA qualified trainer, this one-day, public course allows students to actively participate in exercises and discussions as well as network with peers from other companies.

  • Maintain adequate coverage in your support center by staggering training dates.
  • Focus on learning by being out of the office.
  • Structured discussions facilitate networking and learning from real-world experiences.

On-Site Training / Dedicated Virtual Instructor-Led Training

HDAA can train your team at your facility anywhere within Australia and New Zealand, eliminating individual staff travel costs and putting more control in your hands. Control class size and pick training dates that accommodate your business schedule.

Focus on your organization's key issues and pain points. Save money. With groups of eight or more, this option can be very cost effective.

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On-Line Computer-based Course

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HDI courses are developed from HDI certification standards and are designed to assist a student in preparing for the HDI certification exam. They reinforce the core concepts of the certification standards and provide skills building opportunities for the attendees.

Exam delivery is online through the HDI Learning Centre. Access is established through HDAA upon request from the student either via email or phone. Once released after public or onsite training the exam must be taken within 6 weeks.

Individuals who achieve the passing score will receive a certificate (PDF Version) from HDI acknowledging their accomplishment and a credentialing logo that may be added to signature blocks and business cards. All exams consists of 65 multiple choice questions and must be completed in 75 minutes.

A minimum score of 80 per cent is required to pass a certification exam, unless otherwise published.


Exam Weighting

The certification exam is randomly generated from a pool of pre-authorised exam questions. As a result, each certification exam is different. The questions have been classified by the categories of the HDI Standard. The certification exam is designed to test the candidate's knowledge in each category.

The number of questions presented from each category is based on the certification weighting. When the time available to study prior to taking a certification exam is limited, consider the certification weighting and review the categories with the highest allocations.

The following table represents the weighting for each of the standards categories within the certification exam. This information is provided to help you focus as you prepare for the exam.

HDI KCS Principles:

Category   Weighting %
Background:     5%
KCS Practices:     30%
ITIL:     5%
Content Health:     20%
Process Integration:     5%
Performance Assessment     15%
Leadership and Communication     15%


The HDI Certification Exam is included in all HDAA's HDI Public & Online Training Course pricing.

HDI Exam Re-takes and Extensions
A 28-day extension is available for an online exam for a fee of $60.50 (inc GST). Exam re-takes can be purchased for a fee of $115.50 (inc GST). Contact HDAA on T: 1300 130 447.

Practice Exams (additional charges apply)
HDI practice tests provide additional preparation for HDI certification exams. Once you complete a practice test, a report is provided that lists the questions missed and what competency within the HDI Standard you should review.

Each practice test is 30 questions and must be completed in 35 minutes
You may take multiple tests
Each practice test is randomly generated from a pool of test questions

Practice Exam Cost $90.20

How long do I have to complete my exam?

Once your exam is activated (usually within 1 business day of your request), you have six (6) weeks to Take the exam. 

What are the systems requirements for taking an online exam?

You'll need a continuous Internet connection and a browser that has Flash enabled.

Can I retake my exam if I don't pass?

Yes. Each retake costs $115.50 AUD. You may purchase as many retakes as you need. You don't have to wait a "blackout period" to purchase a retake, but do keep in mind that it does take up to one business day for the retake to be activated in the system.

Can I extend my exam/practice test after it expires?

Yes. You may purchase a four-week extension for your course or exam or practice exam for $60.50 AUD each.

Who do I contact if I need support?

If you require support you can contact HDAA, ph: 1300 130 447
or you can contact HDI directly via their Customer Care Center: 1.800.248.5667 

Public, Virtual and Onsite Course Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Full payment of course fees or a Purchase Order must be received no less than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled course date you have nominated to hold. Any booking received less than thirty (30) days prior to the nominated course commencement date must be accompanied by a written Purchase Order or credit card payment authority to secure the booking.

Clients cancelling their public or virtual course registration with less than three weeks' notice will not be entitled to a refund.

No shows on public and virtual courses will pay full course rates.

Cancellation of On-site Courses: Notice received within twenty one (21) to thirty (30) days of the scheduled course commencement date will incur a fee equal to 25% of the invoice. Notice received within seven (7) to twenty one (21) days will incur a fee equal to 50% of the invoice. Notice within 7 days will be charged the full invoice price.

Postponement of On-site Courses: Notice received within twenty one (21) to thirty (30) days of the scheduled course commencement date will incur a fee equal to 20% of the invoice. Notice received within seven (7) to twenty one (21) days will incur a fee equal to 30% of the invoice. Notice within 7 days will be treated as a cancellation. Only one postponement per invoice allowed.

Transfers between scheduled public courses will be accepted if requested no less than three weeks prior to the course start date. Any transfer of registration received no less then two weeks of the course start date will incur a $440 transfer administration fee. Transfer are not available with less then 1 weeks notice of the course start date.

Attendee name changes will be accepted up to the day prior to the course start date.

In rare instances, a public course may be rescheduled or cancelled. HDAA will provide as much notice as possible. In this event, the client may receive a full refund, or take a credit toward another HDAA course. HDAA cannot be held responsible for penalties resulting from travel arrangements.

In the event that we do have to cancel a training course at the last minute, the HDAA administration team will contact you via phone to either reschedule you for an alternate course or provide you with a full refund of the course price paid.

HDAA reserves the right to postpone/cancel a training course or an event at any time, at which, paying participants will be entitled to one of the following:

  • To participate at a revised date specified by HDAA; or
  • A refund or
  • A credit to that amount for future HDAA training.

To receive reimbursement or credit, please call HDAA on 1300 130 447 to make appropriate arrangements.

On-Line Course Cancellation Policy: Self-paced online course registrations are final. No cancellation or refund is available. Access is granted to online courses and certification exams once payment is received. A purchase order number may be provided for reference, but online courses and certification exams will not be activated until actual payment is received.

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