Investment in Knowledge is fast becoming a requirement in the ongoing evolution of Support Services. Knowledge Management and in particular the KCS (Knowledge Centred Service) methodology is recognised as an emerging necessity in all areas of Service Management and as a major facilitator for adopting “Shift Left” and AI within an organization see HDI Trend Report for clarification. Reinforcing this industry observation is the HDI 2019 Industry Survey Stats which advise that Knowledge Management is number 2 in importance as a “Must Have” practice (Incident Management being number 1).

Let the professional team at HDAA assist you in all areas of Knowledge Management utilising years of industry experience and industry Best Practice methodologies and Frameworks e.g. KCS and ITIL4 to help you to assess, baseline and improve all your Knowledge Management needs. We have a wide range of Professional Services available for you to utilise or we could customise to suit your needs.



  • Health Check/Baseline Review Where are we now?
    • KCS Maturity Assessment
      • KCS Opportunity Assessment Survey and Service Desk Health Check review
      • Process Integration Health Check
      • Knowledge Management Measurement Review
  • Maturity Assessment against KCS Best Practice Where do we need to be
    • Recommendation Reports How do we get there?
    • Scope of Work Initial Outline
      • KCS Benefits
      • KCS Cultural Health
      • KCS Article Quality Health
      • KCS Process Integration
      • KCS Measurement
  • Professional Assistance How can we help you further?
    • KCS Adoption Roadmap Assistance
      • Planning and Design
      • KCS Adoption Coaching/Mentoring
    • Knowledge Management Workshop Facilitation
    • Knowledge Management Process Integration
    • Ongoing Knowledge Management Coaching/Mentoring

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