The Service Desk is the window to IT and the central communication point with your customers, yet this mission critical function of Support Services is not always understood, valued or funded appropriately. Despite this, the Service Desk is expected to unfailingly meet business objectives and look to the future, all while making it happen in the present.

HDAA helps you improve, by providing the opportunity to assess your practices and processes and compare them to current industry best practice. Our Standard Service Desk Review is a health check providing practical operational, tactical and strategic recommendations that enable you to significantly improve existing operations.

Our professional team work closely with your management and staff using best practice ITSM and Knowledge Management frameworks and methods to complete the review in the most expedient timeframe.

Here are just a few questions our review will help you answer, and which also contribute to building your Service Improvement Plan:

  • Does your Service Desk strategy support the business?
  • Are your services realistic?
  • Do your processes align with industry best practice?
  • Are your people capable?
  • Do you utilise your support tools effectively?
  • Your investment in the review depends on the size and complexity of your organisation, service desk and depth of analysis required.

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