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HDI® Knowledge-Centered Service Foundations (KCSF) Instructor-led training

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Organizations that leverage knowledge and manage it effectively can reduce costly mistakes, accelerate the implementation of new ideas, and eliminate redundant work. A thriving knowledge management program, one that successfully captures, structures, and reuses information, is a vital component of top-performing companies and often provides them with a competitive advantage.

In this course, you will gain an awareness of knowledge management best practices and be introduced to the fundamental concepts of the KCS methodology. This course can be used to build internal support for a new knowledge management initiative.

Related course: KCS Principles is a three-day course that covers the content of the KCS Foundation course in more depth as well as how to successfully implement KCS.

KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

What You Will Learn
  • Knowledge management best practices
  • Knowledge-Centered Service concepts and methodology
  • The value and benefits of adopting Knowledge-Centered Service
Who Should Attend?
  • Technical support or business professionals who want a fundamental understanding of the benefits and processes associated with Knowledge-Centered Service
  • Individuals who are preparing for the KCS Foundation certification exam
Course Outline

Unit 1: What is Knowledge-Centered Service and Why Do We Need It?

  • The History of Knowledge-Centered Service
  • The Concepts of KCS
  • The Benefits of KCS
  • Proactive versus Reactive Knowledge Management

Unit 2: The KCS Methodology: The Knowledge-Centered Service Model

  • The Double Loop Process Model
  • The Solve Loop
  • The Evolve Loop

Unit 3: Wrapping Up the Knowledge-Centered Service Methodology

  • Performance Assessment
  • Leadership
  • Return on Investment


May 01 2024

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