Keep A Close Eye on Meeting Equity in 2022

Keep A Close Eye on Meeting Equity in 2022

Spend time with your meeting app and hardware vendors to understand how they’re addressing meeting equity now and in the future.

Driven by the pandemic-led shift to remote and hybrid work, the last two years have seen unprecedented change in enterprise communications. As we look forward to 2022, the one thing, in my opinion, to watch out for as remote work shifts to hybrid work is meeting equity.

Organizations bringing employees back to the office are grappling with creating an even playing field (or pitch) among remote and in-office employees. Few wish a return to days when a typical meeting consisted of most participants being physically present in a conference room. Meanwhile, remote participants dialed, audio-only, into a conference phone but couldn’t effectively participate in discussions or ideation with those in the room.

Now, business and IT leaders face transitioning from a largely remote workforce that has spent the last two or so years meeting on video apps to one in which meetings consist of a broader mix of in-office and remote participants.

Two key challenges include:

  • How to ensure that remote employees can effectively share ideas and collaborate with those in the meeting room
  • How to ensure that those in the meeting room can participate in conversations happening among remote employees.

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