Launch of the HDAA exam platform

Greetings members. It is with great pleasure that I can announce through partnership with ACGC (Adelaide Consulting Group Co), we have developed the HDAA exam platform. This new platform will be used to assess candidates in our bespoke programs that have been developed in house.

ACGC has been working alongside of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) for the past two years.

The exam platform has been built with rigorous requirements, where it has been used to assess the federal government IRAP assessors (Infosec Registered Assessors Program), before they are given the green light to assess government departments for compliance against the ISM and IRAP requirements.

You can read more about the IRAP program here: https://www.cyber.gov.au/irap

After having been used for a substantial amount of time with a large cohort of candidates, the system is proven and tested, where HDAA is now in a position to take advantage of this platform. If the ASD has given the exam platform the tick of approval, I’m certain that it will be more than adequate to assess you; our fantastic members.

The initial exam that is being launched with the exam platform will be the Major Incident Management examination. Our first candidate has been sent their invitation to sit the exam.

As 2024 is the 25th year of operation for HDAA, we have stood the test of time, built a massive portfolio of content, knowledge articles and templates for our amazing members. We continue to grow and prosper, with feedback from you all, we are continually improving our service to offer more value, and give you the tools to get ahead in your business and career.

As we launch this exam platform, we will be inviting all of our previous students that have sat the Major Incident Management course, the opportunity to now sit the exam, so they too can obtain the MIM certification. We will be sending out individual emails which will give access to the exam platform and ensure the best possible outcome. The invitation will also allow access to the e-Learning course so there can be some revision of the material.

This is the first of numerous certifications that HDAA will be offering to its members. All future MIM courses will include the exam for free, as a part of the course purchase.

We will work in conjunction with our partners and members to determine other exams that will be launched in the near future.

Some finer details on the initial MIM exam are:

  • The exam will be open book. I believe that an open book exam is the best option. Consider that you are at work when an incident occurs. Are you NOT going to look at a best practice books for guidance? Of course you will. So why wouldn’t you get examined with an open book. You should use as many tools and resources as possible to find the right answers. It’s the time factor that is most important.
  • As the course duration is only 1 day, we decided to make the exam a 30 minute, 20 question exam
  • The pass mark for the MIM exam is 65% or 13/20

After you finish the exam, you will be able to provide feedback of your exam experience which will allow us to further improve the way in which HDAA exams are conducted.

We can’t wait to start the ball rolling for you and help you get ahead in your careers.

Thank you so much for being a valued member with HDAA. If you are reading this and aren’t yet a member, jump over to the sign up page to join our community today.


Scott Tunn

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