Mobile Support: Are Your Employees Getting What They Need?

When it comes to supporting mobile devices in the workplace, it all comes down to one thing: employees. Employees are using their own personal devices (or similar corporate devices) at work much more frequently, and they expect the same level of mobile support in the corporate world as they receive in the consumer one. Deliver anything less and companies risk taking a hit on employee productivity and job satisfaction.However, a recent IDG survey of IT leaders sponsored by LogMeIn found that for many organizations, an employee-  or customer- first approach to mobile support isn’t necessarily the case. Gaps in mobile support tend to range from who is driving policies and change (spoiler: not employees) to antiquated approaches and tools being used. But the research suggests that many companies are aware of their shortcomings in mobile support and they have plans to address it.

Even though for many this won’t be an easy undertaking, knowing that policies, team structure, and technology may need updating, there are several long-lasting benefits from increasing employee happiness levels to preparing for the future. Knowing your employee needs and requestswhich is addressed in the IDG researchis the first step in knowing what needs updating. Couple that with a suggestion I’ve heard from IT leaderslook to support colleagues in the customer service or tech support world for best practices and then adapt their approach to your organization’s needsand you’ll have a great foundation for updating your mobile support.

For more insights on where IT organizations stand in mobile support, additional mobile benefits, and ways to tackle challenges, be sure to read the IDG white paper, Mobile Devices: The New Support Frontier for IT.

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