Release & Deployment Management Process & Policy Document (Template – Advanced)

This document outlines examples of the processes, and policies you need to have in place to implement Release & Deployment Management in your organisation.

This document covers not only the processes as recommended by ITIL®, but information your people (staff) and support system provider will need.

This template is open to interpretation, so if it makes sense for you to do something differently to what we have outlined in the template, then feel free to do so. Once you have expanded on the document to suit your individual organisations needs, your support system provider can use it to configure the system to underpin your processes.

Your staff can also use it to understand how the process will work in your environment and how it will be monitored and reported against – it defines the goalposts. Why not involve staff in the job of amending this document to suit your environment – after all, involvement breeds acceptance.

The Table of Contents for this document is listed below:

  1. Release & Deployment Management
  2. Process, Policy & Procedure Documentation
  3. Version 1.0 DRAFT
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Preamble
  6. Implementing Release & Deployment Management
  7. Document Control
  8. Release & Deploy Management Scope
  9. Basic Release & Deployment Management Process as Defined by ITIL
  10. Inputs & Outputs of the Process
  11. Management Policies
  12. RACI Matrix
  13. Critical Success Factors & Key Performance Indicators
  14. Release & Deployment Management Reporting
  15. Roles and Responsibilities
  16. Customer Satisfaction Measurement

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